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District Fitness, Raheen Business Park, Athenry

NB: Age profiles should be seen as a guide only and class times and age groupings may be subject to review and change from time to time depending on to the clubs membership profiles and abilities. All members will be notified and consulted if this is felt to be in the interests of the club and its' members by the senior instructors and the club's welfare officer.

Friday Class Times


Minors & Precadets (Ages 7 - 14)

6.45pm to 8pm


Women's ONLY Judo (Female Coaching team)

8.00pm to 9.30pm

Wednesday Class Times 


FUNdementals (Beginners under 7 years)

5.00pm to 6pm


Primaries (Ages 7/8)

6pm to 7pm


Minors (Ages 9 - 11)

7pm to 8pm


Band A Minors, Precadets & Cadets (Age 11 to 17)

8pm to 9pm

Classes at Athenry Judo Club

Athenry Judo Club, Galway City School of Judo, Galway Judo

Monday Class Times


Cadets, Juniors and Seniors (Age 14 upwards)

8,00pm to 9.30pm