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Goals  for Younger Children

Classes for younger children in Athenry are suited to girls and boys from 4 years of age upwards, and of all sizes and abilities. The main focus of these classes is on increasing Skill, Speed, Suppleness, Stamina, & Strength, through games and exercises that are Judo related and played in a structured manner which promotes Listening, Learning and in turn Self-discipline, & Self-confidence.


Please note: Child development and maturity levels are unique to each child and as such we may request that younger children’s parents remain present during classes to assist and help settle their child for the first few weeks and to ensure the best possible outcome for all students.

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Goals for Older Children

As students grow and develop mentally, physically & emotionally the focus of their personal development gradually transitions in line with the IJA grading syllabus and the Long Term Athlete Development model to enable them to build and develop on their knowledge and physical fitness levels. Games and game based exercises still play a role in the classes, however the focus moves more towards the development of technical excellence and the proper use of the scientific principles of Judo and the practical reality of trying to apply this knowledge physically.

Our beginner and progression programs follow the IJA syllabus and are delivered via three twelve week terms which are carefully planned and structured to give students the best possible chance to become well rounded Judoka and advance through their grades.


Goals for Beginners

The key focus for beginners in the first few weeks is on safety. The focus will be on learning to fall correctly to avoid injury and on learning the fundamental principles and the basics of etiquette that keep Judoka safe. Within a few weeks simple throwing techniques will be gradually introduced. Students will be introduced to the basics of both Judo from a standing and groundwork position. At the end of the twelve week program students will be eligible to be considered for their first grades. Eligibility to be put forward to grade is subject to the discretion of the senior class instructor and will be based on a student’s attendance, effort during class, adherence to Judo etiquette and a demonstration of knowledge.


Goals for Progression Students

The key focus for progression students is to advance. Progression is by definition very much a personal journey and so will depend on a student’s own personal goals and their starting point. The Athenry Judo Club instructors will sit down with all “Progression students” at the beginning of each term and talk through and identify what these personal goals are for each student. The students and the instructors will then work together towards creating a plan and providing the right conditions to enable the students to reach these goals in a structured and achievable way. Gradings and other activities will form an equal part of the progression program and will be used as and when relevant to meet the student’s personal training objectives.


It is the club’s aim to have all progression students prepared for at least one activity per term that demonstrates progress and provides a sense of achievement for the student. These activities could be as simple as getting fit or as ambitious as achieving a Black Belt or competing at National or International level, either way the club will match the students level of commitment and work in any way we can to assist our students in achieving their goals.

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